About Us


"All children are born artists, the problem is to remain artist as we grow up." - Pablo Picasso. Instead of just hanging kids' drawing on the wall or pile up in the playroom, there is better way to celebrate your little one's creativity and keep them drawing. We can actually bring funny kids' drawings to life and let them design home goods & decor, kids' clothing and phone cases, etc. At Kidsartify, we offer widest selection of customised products for your kids' doodle. Imaging how proud they will be when you are using phone case they designed, when you are sleeping with bedding set they designed, when they are wearing their own designs to schools. It's a wonderful idea to inspire kids' creativity, a trait that is crucial to success in the classroom and beyond.


The Kidsartify Mission is to boost creativity by turning every kid's artwork into things that you, your family will use and enjoy every day. Kidsartify is also a thoughtful and personal gift idea for your loved ones. Whether it be your little one's birthday party gifts, or Mother's day gift, or housewarming party gift, the personalised present designed by your child will definitely WOW everyone! It is also the best way to preserve childhood memory forever. Start transform your child's doodle into useful items!


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