5 Personalized Gift Ideas To Make With Kid's Drawing

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Kids draw constantly. The artworks pile up and stick around as they grows up. Instead of letting the creativity ends up in drawer, garage, refrigerator or even trash box, you can actually transform them into something useful and long-lasting. We have come up with 5 ideas that you can make with your kid's artwork.

1. Real Silk Scarf

Kid's paintings tend to be colorful, bright, bold, wild and abstract. This is perfect resource to custom a silk scarf. Nothing could make your child be more proud than seeing mom wearing their design around her neck! You can choose the color of scarf border to go with the masterpiece. It is also perfect idea for Women's day or Mother's day gift!

5 Personalized Gift Ideas To Make With Kid's Drawing – Kidsartify

2. Throw Pillow Case

Throw pillow cases always occupy the prime spot on your living room sofa. You can definitely spice up your living room by custom pillow cases with your child's drawing, at very low budget. The process is pretty easy. No photoshop skills needed, no scanner or digital camera needed. Just take a photo of your kid's scribble and upload. Our designer will polish it to make best printing effect.

5 Personalized Gift Ideas To Make With Kid's Drawing – Kidsartify

3. Bedding Set

As a parent, you know it's challenging to get your kids to bed. It is also difficult to get them to sleep on their own. So it might help if the duvet cover and pillow cases are designed by themselves! Trust me, they just can't wait to rush into bed and sleep with their own arts! You can finally treat yourself with a glass of wine peacefully.

kidsartify custom bedding set with kid's drawing

4. Fleece Blanket

Turn kid's drawing from doodle to personalised throw blankets. Stay cozy and warm in the throw blanket featuring your little one's artwork. Make a childish homestyle. Add more fun to your family night! This is also the most thoughtful & tear-worthy gift for grandparent. Kidsartify professional graphic magicians will clean up the background or even redraw to ensure best printing effect like below.

kidsartify custom blanket with kid's drawing

5. Legging

Let your kids custom their own legs? How fun is that! Instead of buying from franchise brands, wearing their own design makes them unique. "Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else." - Sydney Gurewitz Olemens. 

kidsartify custom legging with kid's drawing

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